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The Healthcare Debate is Still Raging

Recently, a member wrote and said, "Don't they realize we don't want good insurance! We want No insurance, That's our problem. We JUST want great medical care when were are sick, and that is all we want! Can we form cooperatives in our communities and bypass insurance companies altogether?"

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Recently we came across an organization that deserves our help, They nurture young artists and protect the children of the inner city. They are called, "A Place Called Home"

The American Artist's Guild™(AAG) is a nationwide fraternal artist's organization.

You are a witness to a NEW AND DYNAMIC MOVEMENT IN THE ART WORLD. Our Mission is clear. As a national fraternal membership organization we will have clout and therefore receive lower rates and special benefits for our needs and necessities.

American Artist's Guild™ is about connecting with each other and learning what works and how to make it happen. American Artist's Guild™ is creating a private database driven site designed to serve the needs of the nation's artist's community.

There is a great need to have more control over our lives, our businesses, and our families security. Educating ourselves about the Art business will help us do that. American Artist's Guild™ members will keep you informed about the cutting edge ways of doing business, good deals and things to watch out for. We will attend seminars, workshops and visit successful working models and bring the secrets back to share with you, Join today !

By unifying, and combining our efforts into a single nation-wide membership organization. We will be eligible for discounts on services.

The American Artist's Guild™.

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