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Let's Talk About Insurance for Artists

Many artists have sporadic job arrangements and pay steep prices for insurance. In general, the traditional work force often enjoys lower insurance costs and much more adequate retirement savings through their employers. Artists, on the other hand, who work independently sometimes as contract workers often don't have access to affordable insurance or a safe retirement plan. American Artist's Guild&trade will be working to level the playing field, and locate an equitable solution to the delemma that American artists face.

American public policy is dramatically increasing the need for affordable insurance policys for artists, and all working people. Insurance companies have not yet made the necessary course adjustments to keep pace with these dramatic changes in the structure of the American work force.

How do we make the necessary changes?

Changes only happen when people are willing join together. There is strength in numbers. The American Artists Guild&trade is bringing together Artists from all creative disciplines.

While our membership is growing the American Artists Guild&trade(AAG) will list current education resources, liability insurance (for business) resources, business resources, health care insurance resources, and legal resources.

Please contribute your knowledge to help this list of resources grow quickly, This is a national list so please mention the state you are from in your communication.
Thank you.

The listings below have been compiled to provide practical information for our membership seeking to explore their options for insurance coverage. These listings do not include every insurance resource. There is enough information here to get us started in the direction of being a well informed group.

Actors Health Insurance Resource Center The AHIRC database was created in 1998 by The Actors Fund of America, with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, as a health insurance resource for artists and people in the entertainment industry. Since then, with support from The Commonwealth Fund, it has expanded to include resources for the self-employed, low-income workers, the under-insured, the uninsured who require medical care and many other groups.

The Craft Report: National CRAFT organizations and AID for CRAFTS PEOPLE. The Crafts Report is the premier business magazine for the crafts professional. Published monthly, TCR provides information on: marketing, growing your craft business, time management, studio safety, retail relationships, artist and retailer profiles, industry news and more.The Crafts Report, established in 1975, is a monthly business magazine for the crafts professional. This is a wonderful site with well researched resources for artists regarding numerous areas of the artist's life.

The Craft Report These listings have been compiled to provide practical information to crafts people seeking to explore their options for insurance coverage. These listings do not include every insurance resource. Click on a link below to jump to a table or scroll down the page.

CERF Craft Emergency Relief Fund CERF provides immediate support to crafts people suffering career-threatening emergencies such as fire, theft, natural disaster and illness.

Insurance 101:"What we have is unbiased information." Insurance Guide 101 was created to provide consumers with accurate and clear information about insurance and how to buy it with confidence.

"We do not sell any type of products or services through this web site. We are also not affiliated with any insurance companies. We are here to provide information and help you navigate the maze of insurance mumbo jumbo; as well as give you some inside scoop on how insurance can work for you. We give you definitions of key terms of all types of insurance: car insurance, health insurance, long term care insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and home insurance. We also have some "other" insurance like: business insurance, travel insurance, credit card insurance, pet insurance and boat insurance. We explain what those terms mean in ordinary English. We give you insurance tips and point you in the direction of tools that will help.

We are an independent information source and our mission is to provide tips on getting the right insurance products for you and your family. You will also get access to trusted insurers through the links at the bottom of each page.

Information on this site about insurance has been collected from many sources including personal experience, working inside insurance companies and as our own experiences buying insurance from a variety of insurers. Feel free to contact us at our e-mail address if you have any questions on insurance or any suggestions on how we can serve you better.

Figuring out what you need is the hardest part of buying insurance. After that, there are a multitude of online insurance sites which can step you through the process of obtaining quotes and even purchasing the insurance itself. Buying insurance online has never been easier.

We have some great information you should know as a consumer before you choose virtually any kind of insurance. Pick the kind of insurance you are interested in and dive in!" ..."What we have is unbiased information. Because we are not affiliated with any insurance company, we can give you the straight goods on the insurance industry. If you want to know about insurance, how to buy it with confidence and what kinds and levels of insurance coverage you need, we have a site for you!"

Once you have researched insurance and you know what you want, make use of our trusted sponsored links in order to go shopping for it. You will find sponsor links at the top of every page. Those links will be for insurers offering the types of products that we are talking about.
Enjoy! "

"Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2003" H.R. 660 THIS IS SOMETHING WE ALL WANT TO FOLLOW:This link is the SUMMARY of the bill and how it will effect our membership. "H.R. 660 would establish a regulatory framework and certification process for association health plans (AHPs). AHPs could be established by trade, industry, and professional associations as a vehicle for providing health care benefits to employees of businesses that are association members. AHPs would not, in general, have to offer coverage of state-mandated benefits and would be subject in a limited way to state rules that compress health insurance premiums across a state's small group market. Many firms would be able to pay lower health insurance premiums by purchasing such coverage through AHPs rather than through the traditional small employer health insurance market, where premiums would reflect the full extent of state insurance regulations. (Self-employed individuals also would be able to purchase coverage through AHPs; this analysis of H.R. 660 includes the impact of AHPs on the health insurance market for the self-employed.)" ...The full document is here.

"INCREASING SMALL-FIRM HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE THROUGH ASSOCIATION HEALTH PLANS AND HEALTHMARTS" ; January 2000 THIS IS SOMETHING WE ALL WANT TO FOLLOW:"The large and growing number of uninsured people in the United States, particularly uninsured workers in small firms, continues to be a concern to policymakers. In the 105th Congress and again in the 106th, the House passed legislation that would create two new vehicles, association health plans (AHPs) and HealthMarts, to facilitate the sale of health insurance coverage to employees of small firms. The effects of AHPs and HealthMarts on premiums and coverage in the small-group health insurance market are the subject of this Congressional Budget Office (CBO) paper."The full document is here.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) "The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the organization of insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the four U.S. territories. The NAIC provides a forum for the development of uniform policy when uniformity is appropriate.

A state regulator's primary responsibility is to protect the interests of insurance consumers, and the NAIC helps regulators fulfill that obligation. That assistance is related to the regulators' shared objectives of financial and market conduct regulation.

State insurance regulators created the NAIC in 1871 to address the need to coordinate regulation of multistate insurers. The first major step in that process was the development of uniform financial reporting by insurance companies. Since then, new legislative concepts, new levels of expertise in data collection and delivery, and a commitment to even greater technological capability have moved the NAIC forward into its role as a multidimensional, regulatory support organization"Visit the web site and get acquainted with the organization.

Your contributions to this list are welcomed (looking for types of insurance coverage available for each state.)

The links above are provided as a resource for the public use at their own discretion. American Artist's Guild™ is not affiliated with and does not endorse any resource listed above. This listing is merely for the convenience American Artist's Guild™ members, we hope they are of benifit.


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